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How To Build A Speed Training System

The 6 steps you need to effectively improve athlete speed.

How Do We Train Athletes?

We are dedicated to increasing your athletes speed.

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How do we test athletes?

Athletes undergo diagnostic testing that will give us insight into the athlete’s overall acceleration and velocity.

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What do the test results mean?

We build an individual profile that identifies your peak force and peak velocity capabilities, then individualize the training approach to create more power.

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How do we improve the test results?

Physiological adaptation through horizontal power development.  We start with a focus on improving an athlete's ability to produce higher ground reaction force (GRF).

Spellman Speed System Solutions

Master every area of speed development through our offerings below

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Digital Courses
Spellman Certification
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Spellman Certification

My Story. My Motivations.

10 years of helping athletes & coaches accelerate their dreams through speed

"I’d rather climb out the trenches and teach people how I did it than have someone lift me out."

Over 90 of our athletes have been tested by Les & his team. His dedication and process is very impressive.

Rebecca Kingsbury, Coast Lacrosse Director

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My Speed Philosophy

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